Get Professional Tax Debt Relief Now

If you are having tax problems and have not been able to resolve them yourself, contact us. Even if you feel like there is nowhere to turn, the worst thing you can do is nothing at all. Our partners will ensure that your best interests are represented to the IRS.

The Tax Debt Relief Process

  1. Our partners immediately file a Power of Attorney.
  2. Our partners then request the IRS Master File.
  3. Our partners have a verbal conference with IRS collections.
  4. Ultimately, our partners prepare a Financial Collection Information Statement (IRS form 433).

This process allows our partners to work directly with the IRS on your behalf. Our partners collect the information necessary to understand your financial position as the IRS sees it. Our partners want to build a strong case for you and as effectively and efficiently as possible help you to deal with your tax debt burden.

Call for Tax Debt Relief: 1-877-792-2920!

Our partners will do everything in their power to help you deal with your IRS problem and with your IRS tax debt. Don't hesitate. Your road to tax relief freedom starts here.